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How It WorksChoose from a range of monthly payment plans with some qualifying for 0% APR options. Thanks to Cherry’s fast application process, you’ll be enjoying your purchase in no time - all you need is your state ID and mobile phone number to get started. If approved, manage payment options and stay in control with 24/7 access to Cherry’s self-serve patient portal.
Flexible Payments For Any BudgetUse the payment calculator to simulate what your monthly payments could look like.*
Purchase Amount
Payment Plan (months)
Your Credit Score
Enter a purchase amount, payment plan, and credit score to see estimated payments
*These are examples only. 0% APR and other promotional rates subject to eligibility. Exact terms and APR depend on credit score and other factors. Not every practice that uses Cherry will offer the payment plan terms listed above.
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TestimonialsDon’t just take our word for it! Here’s what other patients have to say about Cherry…
profile picture of Bryana
“I was worried the application would take long, I would have paid on my credit card – but it only took a few minutes and I'm so happy I can split my payments up now!”
profile picture of Alex
“Cherry was really easy to use and super fast. I can't wait to go back and try different services now that I can split my payments!”
profile picture of Marie
“I used this on Monday and it was great. Low down payment and low monthly. You all should try it.”
profile picture of Gabriel
“Cherry was great, one of the better lending companies I’ve ever used. Making payments was a lot easier and I appreciate that Cherry was willing to work with me.”
profile picture of Alyssa
“Cherry is amazing!!! Now we can get everything done!!”
profile picture of Cassie
“I’ve been putting off these treatments for a long time. I scheduled them all today using Cherry!”
Frequently Asked Questions
How long is my approval valid for?
Approvals are valid for 30 days. Once that time period expires, you are welcome to reapply.
Can I increase my approval amount?
Once you’re approved, you’re approved for the maximum amount based on your financial background. Therefore, the amount cannot be increased.
Can I pay this off early?
Yes, Cherry does not have any prepayment penalties. If you have interest and pay off early, you’ll even avoid some of that interest.
Does my 0% APR offer expire?
No, if you’re eligible for a 0% APR offer, it doesn’t expire for the current approval. For example: If you were approved for a 6 month term with 0%, this promotion is valid until the end of term as long as you stay current with your payments.
How much is my down payment and when is it due?
Once you input your purchase price, you’ll be provided with the options you have for down payment. It is due when the practice confirms they will need the funds in order to move forward with your services. Remember to bring your bank issued debit or credit card* when you are ready for checkout.

*Making payments via Pre-Paid Debit Card or Credit Card will result in a 2.99% processing fee. There is no processing fee for making a down payment with a traditional Debit Card.
How are refunds handled?
To request a refund, please contact Dental Associates of Cumberland directly.

We defer to the refund policies put in place by Dental Associates of Cumberland and cannot initiate a refund without their approval.

Once Dental Associates of Cumberland authorizes a refund we will deposit the refunded amount (full or partial) into your account. Your Cherry account status and loan balance are adjusted accordingly.

If a partial refund is issued, your loan amount will be adjusted to reflect your new remaining balance. If a refund is issued in full, any payments made on your loan will be returned to you.
Does Cherry report to the credit bureaus?
Yes, Cherry may report the status of our borrowers’ accounts to Equifax, one of the major credit bureaus.
Can missing payments on my account with Cherry hurt my credit?
Once you take out a loan with Cherry, we may report repayment information about your account to the consumer reporting agencies. Loans that are marked as delinquent may have a negative impact on your credit score.
Manage My PlanManage your payment plans inside the Cherry Patient Portal.
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Contact the Cherry Support Team
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Monday through Friday 9AM – 9PM EST.
Saturday 9AM – 7PM EST.
Sunday 10AM – 3PM EST.
Payment options through Cherry Technologies, Inc. are issued by Cross River Bank, member FDIC. See for details. Iowa: Borrowers with credit scores below 660 cannot be approved. APR is capped at 20.99%.

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